We provide standard home inspections in the Lowell, IN and Merrillville, IN area. Our home inspections are a limited visual inspection of all readily accessible areas and working components of the home using the latest technologies and reporting methods. Everything from the Roofing and gutters to the foundation and crawlspace and all the areas in between. After inspecting all the major systems of the home, Inspector Check It creates a detailed report with videos, diagrams, and expandable full color pictures that highlight any defects found during the inspection, why it is a defect, and who or what should be contacted to evaluate the condition further or make a repair.

Our standard home inspections in Lowell, IN will provide you with a 60+ page report on every facet of your home that you can refer back to for years to come. Whether it is a bad plumbing leak that will be fixed prior to closing or a missing knob on a cabinet that can go on your “honey do” list our report is a great reference guide for any home.

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