Moisture is the most important contributing factor for mold growth. Let us assist you in getting your moisture concerns addressed promptly by identifying the source of the water intrusion which quickly helps to limit your water damage, repair costs, and other associated costs. We perform a visual inspection looking for signs of moisture damage followed by the use of handheld instant read moisture mapping and measuring equipment such as moisture meters equipped with the appropriate probe for your building materials and infrared cameras.

Areas that are prone to excess moisture should undergo frequent mold inspection and testing. This testing is used to check for the presence of spores before significant growth begins. If mold is given the chance to take hold it can cause illness for those exposed and permanently damage porous belongings such as furniture.

While all homes typically contain a small amount of mold spores in the air, a mold inspection should be done to ensure that these spores are not accumulating in larger amounts. Trust Inspector Check It serving the Lowell, IN and Merrillville, IN area for our mold inspection services. There are several testing options available at the home and professional level to manage this task, so give us a call to schedule your test today.

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