Thermal imaging’s basic premise is that all objects give off invisible infrared radiation, which thanks to evolutions in technology, are now able to be seen using handheld inspection tools.

These tools can detect hidden issues behind finished surfaces of any building by evaluating the camera’s images, temperature readings and then interpreting these readings directly to you.

Infrared imaging is one of the fastest growing forms of “non-destructive” testing in the world today and done so in a way that has never been possible in the past. It allows us to see things such as moisture problems, missing insulation, HVAC air duct leaks in walls & floor cavities, and under the right conditions even termite activity.

Without utilizing infrared imaging camera, there may be hidden defects that would normally go undetected in the course of our standard visual inspection, so make sure to ask us about how we can use it to help during our home inspections.

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