Well Water Testing & Septic Tank Inspections

Some loans types such as FHA and VA require a water sampling. The only way to tell if your drinking water is safe is by having it tested at a certified laboratory. Harmful bacteria, parasites, and viruses are invisible to the naked eye, so water which looks and tastes good may not necessarily be safe to drink. These microbes can exist in surface and groundwater supplies, and can cause immediate sickness in humans if not properly treated.

For FHA and VA loans, the following tests are normally required: Coliform Bacteria, Nitrates, Nitrites, and contaminants of local concern (i.e. pH, Hardness, Lead, Copper, Iron, etc.). An FHA loan will also require a lead in water test be performed. Trust our home inspector with over 15 years of experience for well water testing and septic tank inspections in the Lowell, IN and Merrillville, IN area.

Septic Inspection

A septic system receives, treats and disposes of unwanted wastewater and solids from a building’s plumbing system. Solids are partially broken down into sludge within a septic tank and are separated from effluent (water) and scum (fat, oil and grease). Effluent regularly exits the tank into a drainfield where it is naturally filtered by bacteria and reentered into the groundwater. Scum and sludge must be pumped periodically and should never enter the drainfield.

During the septic inspection we will attempt to locate the tank, check for the date the tank was last pumped, check sludge level, check distance of drain field in reference to wells and water sources, inspect riser lids, try to determine tank size and adequacy, equal distribution in drain lines.

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